The Snow Must Go!

It is Pennsylvania in Winter. There is much beauty and peace in waking up to the blanket of white on the trees, but there is also much frustration in realizing you now must deal with removing the snow. One day it is below zero, the next it is 60 degrees, and then the next we have 6 inches of snow.  You cannot help but think or dream about living in a tropical climate where you do not have to deal with the snow.  Knowing our reality, here are a few tips for business owners and contractors who chose/must deal with the snow.  

Business Owner

Protecting your business and your premises is always top of mind.  One of the other things you must protect is your customers.  When the snow flies the risk on your premises heightens.  If you are like many business owners, you rely on a good contractor to take care of the snow removal on your premises.  It is vitally important that you have a reliable contractor to take care of your premises when you need them because you cannot afford to have a delay in operations.  You also cannot afford to have a contractor without the proper insurance coverage for snow removal.  For best practice risk management, be sure to obtain a certificate of insurance from your snow removal contractor that specifies coverage for snow removal.  This is a simple document to obtain and will give you peace of mind.  


As a contractor you run your business wisely.  You have done all the things you need to do to set yourself up for success.  You have trusted your insurance agent to suggest a policy that covers your exposures.  One often overlooked coverage is snow removal.  Generally, snow removal is excluded from coverage for contractors.  This does not mean coverage is not available.  Be sure to disclose all your exposure to your agent so that when the snow flies you are covered. The last thing you need is to have a slip and fall claim from a parking lot you care for and then realize you do not have coverage.  At this point you could be liable for the damages out of your own pocket.  

Remember the weather is temporary! Your business is built to last. Make the conscious decision to protect yourself and utilize the risk management practices that have made you the success you are today!