Full Glass Replacement Coverage

Damage to your windshield and vehicle windows will be covered most of the time as long as you have comprehensive insurance, an optional coverage that’s usually purchased with collision insurance. Essentially, it protects your vehicle from any type of damage not caused by another car once the full deductible has been met. 

Full glass replacement coverage can also be added to your policy and can prevent paying a deductible if your windshield has to be repaired or replaced. Full glass coverage adds glass breakage as a named peril to the auto insurance policy. These policies typically cover broken sunroofs, windows, and windshields, but not mirrors, dashboard screens, or similar.

Some drivers choose to get full glass coverage if they live on a gravel road or frequently drive off-road. Unsure if full glass coverage is right for you? At TGIF Solutions, we will complete a free review of your policy to make sure you’re protected. Speak with an agent today!