Do You Have Attractive Nuisances In Your Yard?

Insurance companies consider trampolines, swimming pools, playground sets, treehouses, ponds, and fountains, among other things, to be “attractive nuisances.” An attractive nuisance is a potentially hazardous item on one’s property that can attract or lure children.

Because trampolines, swimming pools, and playgrounds are especially appealing and enticing to young children, they’re a red flag for many insurance companies. As a result, some insurers may refuse to cover these pieces of equipment, while others allow them only if specific accommodations are made. Such accommodations can include:

  • Building fences and installing locked gates around the equipment
  • Padding the trampoline frame and springs
  • Digging out the ground under the trampoline to place the bouncing surface at ground level instead of several feet above the ground

It’s also common for insurance companies to cover your home but exclude liability for the risky item. They may refuse to cover any medical bills or lawsuit expenses related to the use of the equipment, unless you purchase an insurance rider with specialized coverage. You’ll also want to consider increasing your liability insurance limits or obtaining coverage under a personal umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella adds significant financial protection to your standard homeowners coverage.