Are you making Painful Insurance Decisions? 

Spring is in the air! This means many things in the insurance world. You are looking to make some improvements to your home. You realize using the services of a lawncare or landscape company can save time and the inevitable week of body aches. As a homeowner you are cost conscious but expect quality work. As a contractor, you are looking to fill up your schedule and begin bidding work. Let us look at the insurance considerations from both perspectives. 


Outside of you family, your pets, or your vehicles, your home tends to be your pride and joy. You protect these things fervently, so why not ask others to protect you as well? Now this does not mean you need knights, a moat, and the occasional alligator, but assuring that the outside contractors you use are protected for their work is just as important. As a word of caution, ask the contractors you use around your home for proof of insurance. You surely would not want to be in the predicament where a contractor made an honest mistake, but they did not have coverage. At that point, you might have no other recourse than to financially fix the problem out of your own pocket. Not sure of the coverage your contractor should have? No worries! Ask us, and we will be glad to review for you! 


Whether you are new in business or a seasoned owner, if you have your contractor’s license in Pennsylvania you must have general liability insurance. Regardless of your years in business, insurance often becomes forgotten piece of the pie or one of the last considerations for a new entrepreneur. It is vitally important for your future success that the proper coverage is in place. You want to be sure that when you do work for a homeowner that you are covered if the unthinkable happens. Unfortunately, things happen. Do not be left without proper coverage in the event of a loss. Being without coverage would require you to pay for damages out of your pocket. Your coverage is as important for your customer as it is for you and your reputation.  

Insurance can be painful! I assure you not having coverage when it is needed, or a lack of the proper coverage is more painful. Consult your insurance professional or feel free to reach out to us for help! We will do our best to leave you better than you were before our interaction.